Furniture Repair by Joe

Tulsa's In Home Furniture Repair Service

Joe and Sheila Traynham started the furniture repair business in 2010. Our goal was to provide affordable, in home repair of minor furniture damage. According to our customers, having to take furniture pieces to a repair shop, was not only inconvenient and difficult, but risks more damage. We offer on site, in home repair for the convenience and safety of our customers, as well as a lower operating cost. 

Joe has been an avid woodworker, woodturner for many years. He managed the Paxton Woodcrafters' Store in Tulsa for years and also Woodworking 101 in Springfield, Missouri, where he also taught woodturning and furniture repair courses. Because of his love for wood and his ability to visualize and reengineer broken pieces, there is little he can't fix. So if you have wood furniture, it is going to get damaged, so you need a guy who knows how to fix it,  Joe is your guy. Joe and his wife Sheila, would love to serve you. 

                     918-406-8870    Tulsa, OK